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Composting Food Scraps

The objective of this science fair project is to set up a compost bin to convert food scraps and organic waste.

Investigating Beauty with the Golden Ratio

In this project students learn about the golden ratio and investigate if it can be used to predict people's assessment of beauty in others.

Measuring Raindrops

What does a raindrop look like when it splashes on the ground? Is each raindrop unique like snowflakes? Find out how raindrop size varies in this experiment.

Are Frequent Facebook Users Less or More Lonely?

This project examines whether people who are frequent users of Facebook feel less or more lonely than infrequent Facebook-users.

How Does time Perception Change As You Get Older?

This science fair project idea studies how time perception changes with age.

Does Cutting Foods Into Pieces Make It Cook Faster Or Should You Leave It Uncut?

Test whether cutting up meats will make it cook faster than just cooking it whole.

Can You Cook Using Only Sunlight?

Bake some cookies with an oven that collects sunlight and traps the shorter wavelengths (heat!).

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