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Counting That Works Activities

Second Grade Math
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Bar Graph: Getting to School

Kids completing this third grade math worksheet use a bar graph to compare data about transportation to school and solve addition and subtraction problems.

Faster, Faster: Two-Digit Addition #28

Practice addition with this race car themed math worksheet. Using mental math, kids will solve two-digit addition problems to find out which car won the race.

Addition with Carrying 3

The butterflies embellishing this adorable worksheet will keep your second grader entertained as he learns how to manage these complex addition problems!

Nature Walk: Addition #8

Is addition getting your second grader down? Expect her to feel a renewed sense of calm with this pretty math printable!

Scoreboard Subtraction #9

Your second grader will boost his arithmetic skills with this two-digit subtraction worksheet, and he'll be kept entertained by its basketball theme!

Double Digit Subtraction

Double-digit subtraction got your second grader down? Enlist the help of some friendly monsters to guide her.

Addition with Carrying 15

Give your second grader a little extra practice with double digit addition. Let the beautiful bugs dancing around this worksheet help her to success!

Faster, Faster: Two-Digit Addition #10

Take the boredom out of your second grader's double-digit addition practice with this fun, race car-themed worksheet.

Double Digits! Practice Vertical Addition with Carrying 6

Print out this second grade math worksheet to help your child master double-digit addition with carrying.

Double Digits! Practice Vertical Addition with Carrying 27

Your second grader won't mind practicing double-digit addition when these alien accomplices give her a helping hand.

Counting Coins III

Knowing how to count coins and handle money is a practical math skill for kids. Help your child master coin counting with this worksheet.

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