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More Subtraction with Pictures

More Subtraction with Pictures 1-20
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Subtraction for Kids

Ready, set... go! Start off subtraction with some picture equations, perfect for helping your child understand a new math concept.

Construction Zone Subtraction 10

These picture problems are perfect for helping visual learners nail down subtraction to a tee.

Construction Zone Subtraction 8

Little construction workers will build up their math skills with some picture subtraction!

Construction Zone Subtraction 6

How many tools do you see on this construction site? Give your child a fun intro to subtraction with some picture math.

Simple Subtraction: Take Away 1, 2, and 3

Flex your child's math skills with this worksheet set, which focuses on subtracting 1, 2, and 3 from other numbers.

Construction Zone Subtraction 4

Little math workers, get your subtraction tools ready! These picture problems will help kids visualize the equation.

Construction Zone Subtraction 2

Get in the math zone! Kids practice crossing off items to visualize the concept of subtraction.

Let's Bake! Subtraction

Practice subtraction by counting the number of baking items in each box then taking away the number of darker items. How many items are left?

Subtract the Numbers with John

John is playing cards, and he needs your help!

Under the Sea Subtraction

Count the number of sea animals in each box then take away the number of darker ones to find the answers to the subtraction problems.

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