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Reading Readiness: Short "I" Vowels

Get your second grader ready for reading with this adorable printable. It combines colorful images with important phonics practice focused on short "i" sounds.

Learning Beginning Vowels: O

Though it's a few weeks late, a fox and a dog celebrate Halloween in this ode to the letter O.

Kindergarten Letter Roll Reading Game

Kindergarteners can play their way to reading mastery with this printable board game that offers practice in reading and phonics, vocabulary, and word building!

Long Vowel O

Bright colors and adorable images give this reading worksheet some gusto! It's an enjoyable way to give your second grader practice with long vowel "o" sounds.

Long Vowel E

This bright worksheet introduces your second grader to the long vowel sound "e." It's sure to entertain as it educates!

Learning Beginning Vowels: E

A beaver, a bee and a bird all hang out in this practice sheet on the vowel sounds that the letter E makes.

Reading Readiness: Long Vowels

In this 2nd grade reading worksheet, kids get to practice identifying words with long vowel sounds and writing them out.

Letter Roll Reading Game: Level Two

This 1st grade printable board game packs a triple reading punch, improving spelling, expanding vocabulary, and building phonics fluency all at once!

Learning Beginning Vowels: A

Cats, rats, and apes party together in this practice sheet on the vowel A.

Short U Long U Worksheet

Short u long u worksheets help kids practice their phonics skills. This exercise uses fun images to teach kids about all the sounds the letter u makes.

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