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Short "O" Words

If your first grader needs help learning the short o sound, try this worksheet. She'll figure out which pictures feature the short o sound.

Short Vowel Sounds: "A"

Practice some of the short a word families, from -ab as in cab to -at as in bat.

Finn's Fish: Practicing Short "I" Sounds

Practice your first grader's phonics skills with this fun worksheet, which challenges him to identify words that have a short "i" sound.

Sun and Moon: Practicing Vowel U Sounds

This worksheet will help your first grader understand the difference between long and short u sounds.

Long Vowels: Long A in Train

Introduce your first grader to ai words with this long vowels worksheet.

Words with Short "O" Sound

Looking for a worksheet to help your beginning reader? This printable will flex your kid's reading skills through phonics.

Sound Off, Short O: Practicing Phonics

This worksheet will give your kindergartener practice reading the short o.

Go, Dino, Go! Learn About Verbs

This worksheet uses dinosaurs to help your first grader learn about parts of speech.

Short Vowel Sounds: "I"

Focus on word families featuring the short i sound with this helpful worksheet.

Short Vowel Sounds Worksheet: U

Kids practice short vowel sounds as they draw lines to pictures with the short u sound.

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