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Sounding It Out: Oe and Oa Vowel Pairs

Vowel pairs are easier to sound out than they look. Help your first grader tackle the vowel pairs oe and oa with this matching worksheet.

Words That End in Y

Help your first grader learn about words that end in y and the different sounds they make.

Long and Short Vowels: "A"

With this worksheet, your child will match picture names to creatures representing short "A" and long "A" vowel sounds, then glue the pictures to the page.

Long o Words

Help your first grader get acquainted with long o words with this phonics worksheet. He'll learn letter patterns from the oe in doe to the oa in goat.

Learning Long Vowels: Long A in Tray

Kids practice reading and writing the long a sound in words ending like tray.

Color by Short Vowel Sound

Help your first grader practice sounding out short vowels with a fun coloring activity.

Short "A" Words

Boost your first grader's phonics knowledge with this worksheet all about the short a vowel sound.

Learning Long Vowels: A to U

Kids find the words that match the long vowel given in this phonics worksheet.

Long "I" Rhymes

Packed with sounding out, writing, and rhyming fun, this worksheet is sure to help your first grader tackle the long i sound.

Learning Long Vowels: Long I

Help your first grader get to know the long i sound by recognizing it in words.

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