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"I" Sounds: Jill and Mike

This worksheet will help your first grader get a better grasp of "I" sounds. She'll decide which words feature a long i sound and which feature a short i.

Short Vowel Sounds: "E"

Learn about word families, and practice sounding out short e, with this phonics worksheet.

Long "O" Words

If your first grader needs help differentiating between short and long o, this worksheet can help.

Vowel Phonics: Practicing "A" Sounds

Understanding the difference between long and short a vowel sounds is an important phonics concept that will improve reading ability.

Short Vowel Sounds

Review short vowels from a to u with this word match worksheet.

Phonics Fun: Double O Words

Boost your second grader's phonics knowledge with a lesson on double o words like "look".

Beginning Blends 2

Which consonant blend could you add to "ick" to build a sturdy house? Kids choose the correct blend from the boxes and write it to complete the word.

Learning Long Vowels: Long E

First graders practice recognizing long e by coloring the pictures that have a long e sound.

Sound Off, Short A: Practicing Phonics

This worksheet will give your kindergartener practice reading the short a.

Long "U" Vowel

On this first grade phonics worksheet, kids practice identifying the long "U" vowel sound by circling pictures. Then they write a long "U" word.

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