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Cupcake Paper Craft

Help your second grader craft some lovely, personalized Valentine's Day cards--out of kitchen materials!

Valentine Acrostic Poem

Show your little poet how to create a beautiful acrostic poem for someone special this Valentine's Day.

Grammar Lesson: The Possessive Case

Do you want to improve your grammar skills? has grammar activities to help you learn about nouns, pronouns and the possessive case.

Writing Prompt: The Present

It seems that Christmas magic has gone haywire! Be creative and write a story to explain this silly holiday scene.

Thanksgiving Nouns

Practice parts of speech this Thanksgiving with a festive grammar worksheet. This one is all about nouns--people, places or things!

My Very Own Dr. Seuss Activity Book

Inspired by the wonderful work of Dr. Seuss, this 20-page activity booklet is full of reading, math, and most importantly, fun!

Color the Springtime Scene

This pretty nature scene is sure to inspire your kindergartener to complete a one-of-a-kind, creative coloring job.

Color an Easter Egg Hunt

This coloring page includes a hunt for Easter eggs hidden on the page!

Color the Easter Bunny

Keep little hands busy this Easter with an adorable coloring page filled with a fluffy bunny and pretty patterned eggs.

Roaring Lion Coloring Page

Did you know that a human can hear a lion's roar from up to five miles away? Encourage your kid to color in this jungle scene.

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