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Practice Beginning Sounds: Sounds Like Yo-yo

Yasmin Yak is here to help your kindergartner practice the Y sound.

Sounds All Around: Practicing "-Ag" and "-At" Words

Practice reading, writing and rhyming with this fun printable that focuses on "-ag" sounds and "-at" sounds.

Missing Vowels IV

Help your kindergartener learn vowels and improve his spelling skills with this printable worksheet.

Connecting the Alphabet A to M

Looking for a worksheet to help your kid with the alphabet? This printable connect the dots is a fun way to practice the letters A through M.

Short Vowels

Tackle short vowel sounds with this phonics worksheet. Your little reader will sound out the sight words and identify the ones with a short vowel.

Vowel Sounds: Long U, Short U

On this kindergarten reading worksheet, kids match picture names to items representing the long U and short U vowel sounds, then glue the pictures to the page.

Missing Vowels III

Give your child practice using the vowels E, A and U. This printable worksheet will improve his reading and writing skills.

Missing Vowels II

Looking for a worksheet to help your child learn vowels? This printable worksheet will improve his reading and handwriting skills.

Phonetic U

Can you tell the difference between "hug" and "huge"? Have some fun with long and short vowel sounds.

Phonetic O

What different sounds does the letter "O" make? Help your child sort out vowel phonemes with this wordy worksheet.

Phonetic A

Know your phonemes! The letter "A" makes a few different sounds. Can you identify the differences in the words listed on this worksheet?

Find the Long Vowel Words

When a vowel is "long", it says it's own name, just like the A in CAKE or TAKE. In this exercise, circle all of the pictures that have long vowel sounds.

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