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Created by skcarter

Write and Draw Sight words

Write and draw sight words for kindergarten.
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Write and Draw Sight Words: Cold

This worksheet makes learning sight words a hands-on activity as your child traces the word "cold" then practices writing it himself.

Write and Draw Sight Words: Up

This worksheet challenges kids to trace the word "up" and write it on their own in a sentence, important exercises for new readers and writers.

Write and Draw Sight Words: His

This page works on learning the sight word "his", by asking kids to trace the word, then write it in a sentence. At the end, kids can color in the word.

Write and Draw Sight Words: On

Learning the sight word "on" is an important step to reading fluency. This worksheet will help kids practice by tracing, writing and coloring the word.

Write and Draw Sight Words: Under

Practice writing and spelling with this worksheet featuring the sight word "under."

Write and Draw Sight Words: Walk

After tracing and writing the word "walk" on this worksheet, your child will use his imagination to draw a picture about the featured word.

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