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Fluffy Sheep

This adorable, fluffy sheep made from your child's handprint and cotton balls is the perfect craft for Easter.

Sock Bunny!

Try a little eco-friendly crafting this Easter: turn lonely, misfit socks into bunny sculptures in this recycled arts and crafts activity.

Thanksgiving Food List

The alphabet is a big learning milestone for most kids. Help your child learn alphabetical order by making a food list in this fun Thanksgiving activity.

Homemade Sugar Scrub

Help your mom unwind on her special day by making her this calming bath scrub.

Visual Bookmarks

Support your first grader's interest in reading with this decorative bookmark that illustrates a favorite scene from a loved book.

Play Croquet

While building his own croquet set, your kindergartener will use both his math an fine motor skills and as he plays he'll improve his hand-eye coordination.

Make Your Own Fossils

In this fun activity, kids practice measurement and boost fine motor skills as they learn all about how fossils form and even make a few of their own!

Dove of Peace

Make a peace dove to commemorate Black History Month and hang it in your home as a quiet reminder of the spirit of the movement.

Be Librarian for a Day!

In this tons-of-fun reading activity, your child plans a storytime, makes a flyer, creates a coloring sheet, and hosts her own storytime.

Craft Story Sequence Cards

In this activity, help your kindergartener develop sequencing skills with these easy story sequence cards

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