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Danica science projects

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Build Mini Ice Sculptures!

Have your child build an ice sculpture that's so fast, fun, and messy that she may not even realize the science behind her creation.

Make Magic Ice

Preschoolers are fascinated by how colors can be mixed to form new ones. This activity combines color mixing with the concept of melting for extra science fun.

Plant an Indoor Sponge Garden

When the wind starts blowing, you and your child can plant a sponge garden in the comfort of your own kitchen. Here's how:

Make a Changing Seasons Collage

This adventurous art project will send kids on a scavenger hunt for fall materials they can use in their artwork. This craft also teaches kids about seasons.

Make Homemade Zip-lock Bag Lemonade!

Make homemade lemonade in a baggie with your preschooler with this fun and easy recipe.

Make Quick and Easy Bath Salts

Use the activity below to help your child create bath salts as she observes how a solid changes when placed into a liquid.

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