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4th Grade: Physical Science

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Liquid Chromatography

Would your child like to learn about a hidden world? All she needs to do is open her box of markers!

Density Demonstration

Show your child that the simplest ingredients - salt and water - can be used to illustrate the concept of density!

Make a Pinhole Projector!

Believe it or not, images that are cast upon your eye's light-sensitive screen (called the retina) are upside down. Here's a fun, fast experiment to prove it!

Slinky Physics

What is it about a Slinky that causes it to walk down the steps? This simple experiment is a perfect illustration of both gravity and momentum.

Make Your Own Soap

Encourage your child to think outside the bathtub by making her very own handmade soaps! Perfect as a present, a decoration, or just to pamper herself.

Make a Hovercraft!

Here's a fun activity that will introduce your fourth grader to the concept of frictionless motion by constructing a hovercraft.

Crystal Lollipops

Chemistry isn't just incredible ... sometimes its edible! These crystal lollipops are a delicious introduction to chemistry concepts.

Blast Off! Rocket Science

Is your child a rocket scientist in the making? Here's a fun activity that illustrates the basic principles behind what makes rockets rock!

Volcano Project

Your child will be hooked on chemistry after she builds a model volcano by combining an acid and an alkaline substance.

Electric Science: Make a Battery!

Try this chemistry experiment with your fourth grader and get some "shocking" results!

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