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Historic Paper Dolls

Historic Paper Dolls for 2nd Grade Girls and Boys
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History Paper Dolls: The 1940s

Learn more about World War II and this history of America with these fun and fashionable paper dolls.

Vintage Paper Doll: Spring Attire

Have your child prepare Delilah for the changing season by coloring and clipping these cute spring accessories.

Paper Doll Boy: 1930s

The 1930s were a tough decade for everyone in America. Give your child a beginning history lesson about the Depression era as she colors her paper doll.

Paper Doll Boy: 1950s

Does your child love fashion? Give her a fun paper craft with this historical fashion paper doll!

Paper Doll Boy: 1960s

What kinds of outfits did people wear 50 years ago? Give your child a lesson in fashion history with this 1960s themed paper doll.

Paper Doll Girl: 1970s

If your child loves dolls, she'll love making one herself! This paper doll features fashion from the 1970s.

Historical Paper Doll: 1800s

What did women wear back in the 1800s? Give your child a fun paper craft, along with a mini history lesson, with this 1800s paper doll.

Paper Doll Boy: 1970s

If your child loves fashion, give her a paper doll of the 1970s! This handsome fella is even sporting the long hairdo of those times.

Paper Doll Girl: 1960s

There were many important changes during the 1960s, including fashion. Give your child a fun paper doll project that involves a bit of history too.

Paper Doll Soldier: WWI

Here is a great historical paper doll of the 1910s, representing one of the many brave soldiers who fought in the first world war.

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