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Games for the Grocery Store

Few places are as dense with words as a grocery store. The next time you find yourself trolling the aisles with an impatient kid, make it a reading adventure!

Popsicle Stick Log Cabin

Kids entranced by Little House on the Prairie? This popsicle stick "log cabin" is a great introduction to pioneer history.

Make Your Own Coin Bank!

Help your first grader make a coin bank that builds connections to early reading and math. And build good saving habits, too!

Make a Family Tree!

Make a family tree with your child to teach him about his personal history. Make a family tree with this tutorial, and teach your kid about his family history.

Chef Hat

Let your preschooler feel like a real chef by helping him create his very own chef's hat!

Tissue Paper Flower Bouquet

Create an ever-lasting bouquet of flowers using plastic straws and tissue paper!

Make Paper Bowl Hats

Put those paper bowls to good use! Enjoy a preschool classic craft, great for passing the time on a rainy afternoon.

Fossilize Your Footprints

This plaster fossil activity is a fun supplement to preschool science. Use plaster to make imprints of your child's handprints, footprints and other objects!

What Do I Wear? Make Weather Clothing Tags

Help you preschooler decide what to wear each day by making these weather-appropriate clothing markers with her.

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