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Should Kids Have Homework?

Homework is an academic institution, but should it be? There’s a growing trend of schools cutting down on homework or cutting it out altogether. What’s your take? Should kids have homework?


  • Homework reinforces classroom instruction. Students need to practice what they learn on their own time, at their own pace.
  • Homework teaches responsibility. The responsibilities of homework mirror the responsibilities adults face at work and at home every day.
  • Homework prepares kids for higher grades. If students aren’t given homework in elementary school, they won’t be able to handle middle school, high school, or college.


  • Homework is busy work. Many teachers take a one-size-fits-all approach, and their assignments are rarely appropriate for the student’s specific needs.
  • Homework stresses the family. Over 90 percent of American children say their parents are involved with their homework, according to a study by the Indiana University and Purdue University schools of education.
  • Homework squeezes out play. Unstructured play aids the development of academic and social skills.

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Should Kids Have Homework?

Opinions (19)

  • maryannturner: It takes up any time that we have to spend on family time. Most parents spend the pm fighting with their children about homework that may or may not be checked by teachers the next day

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    Oct 29, 2013
  • No

    melissarivero: Teachers get roughly 7 hours each day, and for some reason don't seem to be able to teach kids their lessons in that time, then put the responsibility on the parents to teach them at home.  Every parent I know spends about 4 hours each night teaching their children what they were supposed to have learned at school.  Their kids have no time for anything else, and they hate school as a result.  Great job teachers, why don't you complain some more about how you need a raise?  My answer?  Home school.  You teach your kids what they need to know in half the time, and end up with smarter, more responsible, and better mannered students.

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    Voted: No, Oct 31, 2013
  • No

    wlinda: No - I think unstructured down time is far more important for little ones. If something can't be adequately covered during the school day while they are fresh then going over it again at night, while tired, is not likely to give enough benefit to make up for lost play time.

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    Voted: No, Oct 28, 2013
  • No

    SmartTristan32: I have to wake up at 5:50 am then get home at 3:00 pm after a bus ride, that's over 9 hours of my day which a day is 24 hours. 9/24 well over a third of my day. Then, you expect me to devote an hour per academic class, probably 3-4 hours at least. Well, that's a good HALF of my day. And now after all that, Sleep?

    12 hours. Lets flip sides. Let's say I was okay with this, a complete genius of sorts. One that didn't care what hours and what not. I bet you money my parents are too. Nah, lets say this kid did it all on his own. No parent's, just his time, he invested all of it. And was a complete scholar. But that's just it. ALL OF IT, IS ON ITS OWN. Probably less than a certain percentage of it, was actually not from on his/her own. Granted.

    IF kids put in their own. Why can't we own, our own. Most kids are like slaves to this grand master here. Especially those freed from parents. Or lack there of, of parents, like ones who'd go to Lack of those parents. Ones that watch T.V. every night for years, after work.

    Slaves again. To school. How come we can't choose our own destiny? There's many reasons why. I probably should have, many more might say the same. Many won't admit it, but yeah. Not that education isn't the right choice. Its just how it is reached that is the problem. All over the world this issue occurs. And for us, united, our say stands here, as a testament to our free will. That homework, in all its glory, doesn't make any logical sense whatsoever to me, and us, and many. It is a means to its own end.

    Group learning has to be approached differently. At least, for most of us probably. Not admitably for some. But think about it, what choices do you get to make daily at school. Most likely you would say, not that many. There's no choice in this solution, unless it manifests itself. Or it is given. Rarely. To own oneself, and to do one's own, requires choice. For one's own path, way, and interest. Take these away, or minimalistic they can be, and you destroy it. And no longer is this ownage true anymore.

    tldr; Kids shouldn't have homework, because for the average person, or just the many, it probably won't do them much good. The negatives outweigh the benefits. On a case by case basis, things might be different. But for the majority, I'd say this is true. Take a look around at some statistics, will do you some great treasure hunting. Maybe bureau of statistics.

    And if anything, some experimentation needs to be done to homework, why do all teachers need to follow such stringent standards. I can't find any innovativeness in teachers nowadays. Everything just a big pile of dull gray rocks, you have to go to the art classes, where innovation is required, for you to find it. Still doubtful if you'll be able to see it in the teacher though.

    - HS Senior who ran upon this article, in the dead of night, when i was googling for answers to this dang study guide. YES HOMEWORK lol.

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    Voted: No, Nov 3, 2013
  • No

    coolcolby34: homework is the suckiest thing to suck which is sucky and suckful so homework is suckinessful so it sucks

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    Voted: No, Dec 3, 2013
  • No

    MsHolter: Homework causes high levels of stress in children. Schools often give too much homework, and the students don't have time to spend with their family or friends, which is an essential part of growing up. If teachers aren't confident enough about the instruction they give in the classroom then they need to work on their lesson plans, not force students to do it on their own.

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    Voted: No, Oct 31, 2013
  • No

    Sandee3: My child is a higher-functioning autistic kiddo.  She had homework in her SDC class, but not so much that she had any frustration-induced meltdowns.  This year she's in a regular second grade class where there's more homework.  Sometimes it took two to three hours to complete that night's assignments.  I asked the teacher how much time homework is supposed to take?  ONE HOUR.   So -- after school she has dinner, a bath, or 60 minutes on the WII -- then she has the routine of spending one-on-one time with me or my husband.  I put the timer on for an hour, and any work not completed when the ringer goes is left untouched.  My child has earned her additional free time.   When the work needs a "bit of momma's help" I re-format  it -- keeping the original content intact.  e.g. alphabetize spelling words -- I cut sticker badges in half and she writes the words...then she puts the words in alphabetical order, sticking them on to the homework page.  It's a bit more labor intensive, but she's following her IEP.  REM -- what's learned today stays in her head BETTER overnight, and is more applicable in the future lessons.  We show value in her education, and she learns to value it as well.     And yes, I've been in her classroom.  The teacher spends the first 30 minutes in class going over their homework, rubber-stamping all completed work, having them copy the agenda and their 3-sentence writing from the previous night.  Teachers do welcome parents to observe and help as classroom moms/dads.  I encourage you to volunteer for 30-minutes and read to your child's class, you'll see his/her world a bit better from inside the actual classroom.  If not, take advantage of parent-teacher conference time or even the parent meetings that happen once a month.  The teachers are here to serve our kiddos and welcome our input as parents.  Think of school as a bridge... it isn't a wall to keep us out.

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    Voted: No, Oct 29, 2013
  • No

    organize: we should not have homework because we are learning it in school

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    Voted: No, Dec 19, 2013
  • No

    KatieSwackhamer: Very Little homework if any...I'm a teacher and my students work hard all day long and learn a lot in my class.  They need a chance to "play" at home and not be stressed with lots of busy work.

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    Voted: No, Nov 4, 2013
  • No

    coolcolby34: hello. my name is Juan El Gustavo Maracas Ricardo Perez Meemee Rodriguez. and i live in cancun mexico. i go to school at el tonto elementary. it sucks. my friends names are: big jimmy, little jimmy, jimmy jr, jimmy, jimmy marquez, and funky jimmy. and i like tapatio on my tacos,

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    Voted: No, Dec 4, 2013
  • No

    oapollo: kids shouldn't have homework because when you go home for the rest of the day it is your break from work.

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    Voted: No, Dec 2, 2013
  • No

    taytaythug_love: i think that they shouldn't have homework at all because they are over scheduling all ready and they procrastinate from doing it and its bringing down there grades

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    Voted: No, Oct 31, 2013
  • No

    Chloe_Roberts_violin~playa: I think yes. And no. Yes because it develops the mind and teaches you what you learned in class. No,cause it is a time taker..and sometimes it's a the way...SUCKS because I usually end up getting a bad grade and then it lowers my overall grade.YES homework helps lots NO I'm not complaining...but I AM making sure you think about it!!

        Please and Thankyou for reading this, A 7th grade girl

    P.S I'm going to get to my homework before my grade get's any lower for late tuned in work...

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    Voted: No, Nov 25, 2013
  • dominiccheang: Try to compare your working hours in office and the number of hours your kids stay in school every day. Are you willing to work extra hours at home for your company if you can finish your job in your office? If your boss tells you that if you don't spend time to do your job at home, you won't be able to handle the company's business. Don't you think he is ridiculous? Why does a kid have to do his homework at home, sacrificing the time he should have for fun and his interests? "Serious in learning at school; serious in playing after school."

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    Nov 2, 2013
  • No

    MontereyJudys: I feel like there is an inverse relationship between how effective a teacher is and how much homework is assigned to students (in elementary school especially, less so in high school.)  If a teacher is able to get his/her job done during the school day there shouldn't have to be extra work home.  If class size or classroom management is a problem then homework is a necessity.

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    Voted: No, Oct 30, 2013
  • No

    mizzlisha: Homework causes undue stress between children who need time to unwind after a day at school and family members who are equally stressed from their work day and still have many things to complete for the family before the day ends. Often homework time is a frustrating time for families who are already overwhelmed , children should not have to spend their family time arguing and stressing over completing busy work that does not help support an understanding of concepts but that teachers use to feel they have fulfilled their duty to teaching their students beyond their class time.

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    Voted: No, Nov 1, 2013
  • No

    lucky2: well kids need time to  unwind and relax and if family comes kids do not want to do homework. At my daughters school they give out alerts which then really puts the kids in a lot of stress if they forgot some homework but the homework she gets in my opinion is busy work teachers should at least give the kids short 3 question papers but make them hard. so i say little homework or none

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    Voted: No, Nov 25, 2013
  • No

    coolcolby34: hola. como estas. el paco me taco el muchacho. como? me weewee el patio kaka ma sumbrero el capo cama oocha. so el gustavo me taco, super kameemee, sacoocoo, muchacho homework.

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    Voted: No, Dec 5, 2013
  • No

    LydiaHiott: I did not have homework until the second half of my fourth grade year.Then, it was very little and I graduated Summa Cum Laude! I teach school and see the benefits of having the time to interact with their families and play extra curricular activities. I also see that the teachers who give the most homework are the least effective teachers! NO to homework!

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    Voted: No, Nov 3, 2013
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