Play With Your Food! Goldfish Math
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Move on to Subtraction!

Once your child gets comfortable with addition, it's time to move to subtraction. Show her how these two concepts fit together. First, create a math sentence using addition, for example, lay down a pile of 4 fish and another pile of 3 fish, then a pile of 7 fish. Say "Let's make another math sentence. Take out your pencil and turn this into a math sentence. Where should the 'plus' and 'equals' signs go?" When she's written 4 + 3 = 7, ask if she can use those same numbers to create a subtraction sentence. Show her how either the 4 or the 3 can be subtracted from the sum 7. Then give her some fish to enjoy. You'll help your child learn that addition and subtraction are related. While automatic recall of math facts is important, it's also important for kids to understand the connection between addends and sums.