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What are the risks and benefits of cell phone usage?


Staying Connected

  • The convenience of being able to reach your child immediately in the event of a change of plans is immeasurable.


  • Cell phones facilitate connection during an emergency and allow parents and children to stay in touch.


Mental Health

  • Some studies have shown that teens who used cell phones the most were more likely to be anxious and depressed.

Lack of sleep

  • Researchers have shown that teens who used cell phones are likely to be woken at night by incoming text messages and calls, and they are more likely to be tired and less able to focus the next day.


  • Cell phones are being used increasingly to spread rumors, inappropriate pictures, and directly harass peers.


  • Because of the close proximity to the mouth where germs can be passed from breathing, coughing and sneezing, most cell phones are crawling with bacteria.

Brain Tumors

  • There is some uncertainty as to how electromagnetic radiation from cell phones affects the developing brains of kids and teens.

Source: Center on Media and Child Health "Cell Phones"