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Is my child spending an unhealthy amount of time in front of the screen?

Children are spending far more time in front of computer and TV screens than outdoors. According to the 2006 California Summer Youth Survey, young people in California are “not getting outdoors.”

  • 67% of parents said their children spent less time outdoors than the summer before.
  • 91% of parents blamed TV, computers, and video games for their children’s lack of interest in getting outdoors.
  • Lower income families (those earning less than $50,000/year) were most likely to have children spending less time outdoors.
  • There has been a significant decline in attendance at U.S. National Parks.
  • Studies show that children have less freedom to roam outside today than those of previous generations.
  • While 56% of parents today were allowed to walk or bike to school alone when they were ten years old, only 36% of those parents would allow their own children to do the same.

Source: The Children's Nature Institute "Why Nature is Important"