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Why is Environmental Education important?

Environmental education programs provide many benefits to students.

Outdoor Education Leads to Improved Academic Success

Research shows that outdoor education enriches children’s lives in fundamental ways. Children who learn and play outdoors have:

  • Longer attention spans.
  • More creativity.
  • Higher levels of self-confidence.
  • Higher standardized test scores.
  • Greater academic success.
  • Significant improvements in cognitive development, self-discipline, imaginative and creative expression, language skills, and social interactions.

Environmental Education Teaches Children To Care For The Environment

We need to raise good stewards of the environment to care for issues like resource depletion, environmental pollution, land degradation, and accelerating species extinctions. Conservation efforts will benefit when we can better educate children on their connection to and dependency upon nature.

Environmental Education Programs Encourage a Spiritual Connection to the Earth

The spiritual connection to the Earth teaches children that they are a part of nature and must take care of both their surroundings and other people.

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