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What skills can children learn from video games?

Video games can have educational value. Children and adults can develop new skills when playing digital games.

Skills — Some of these skills include development of strategic thinking, information-gathering, problem solving, planning, adaptation to changing contexts, and flexibility.

Examples — Some examples of fascinating games that promote educational awareness and problem-solving skills include:

  • Guitar Hero — Guitar Hero promotes the development of eye-hand coordination and rhythm skills. This game requires players to play famous songs by learning how to identify notes based on visual cues displayed on the screen. In order to play the correct note at the right time, the player must collect and analyze information provided by aural and visual game mechanics, as well as to understand what note to play, when to strike the note, and how to do so by using the controller.
  • Darfur is Dying — Darfur is Dying promotes information-gathering by teaching players about the genocide in Darfur. The player takes on the role of a villager and tries to find food for survival and avoid capture.
  • Escape from Diab — Escape from Diab teaches children about the value of eating healthy foods by trapping them in the land of Diab; a place where everyone eats junk food.