First Grade Games

First grade games make it fun for kids to get their essential reading and math practice. From sight words and vowel sounds to addition and subtraction, these free first grade learning games are sure to do the trick! Sample these first grade games from our comprehensive online learning system, Brainzy.

New First Grade Games

Try these brand new math games from the latest Brainzy update!

Help kids build place value understanding by fixing this machine with tens and ones.
What does the clock say? Kids must tell time to the hour and half-hour.
Kids must feed Roly by to spell words in this short I reading game.
Your child must look closely to find the shapes hidden in this picture!

First Grade Math Games

Kids must count up tens and ones to identify the number in this place value game.
Which shape has three sides? Kids identify shapes based on attributes.
Children chop through boards in numerical order in this fast-paced counting game.
What does the clock say? Kids must tell time to the hour and half-hour.

First Grade Reading Games

Kids find everything with a short A sound without seeing the words spelled out.
Your kid controls the adventure in this lovable interactive e-storybook!
Kids fly in the sky and turn clouds into rainbows by clicking on the sight words.
Kids can practice with the short A sound in this reading comprehension game.
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