Kindergarten Games

Kindergarten games teach educational lessons the way that kids want to learn them — the fun way! Play these free kindergarten games online to practice the math and reading skills teachers say kids need to learn most. These free games for kindergarten are just a sample of what's included in the learning program, Brainzy.

New Kindergarten Games

Play free games from our online learning program, Brainzy!

Help kids build phonemic awareness by blending sounds in this cute quiz.
Engage kids in reading practice with this beloved fairy tale classic.
Kids help Tutu make rainbows by identifying short A words in this reading game.
Ice cream time! Kids learn math skills with this sweet addition song.

Kindergarten Math Games

Muggo needs to be fixed! Kids must use shapes to fill in a shark puzzle in this game.
Kids learn all about taking away in this interactive puzzle with a subtraction image.
Add it up! Kids must use mental addition to match each equation to its answer.
Kids practice measurement with comparison vocabulary at the Big Top.

Kindergarten Reading Games

What short vowel do you hear? Kids must sort by sound in this phonics game.
Kids make a splash with short u rhyming words in this puddle jump game.
Kids connect the dots to complete the letter "a" ... and help Floyd and Roly rap!
All aboard! Kids help the gang get to school by sounding out and spelling simple words.
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