Reviewed for Fifth Grade, 2007

Deceptively simple in appearance, Blokus is an addictive game of strategy and spatial reasoning. Resembling a 3-D game of Tetris, the playing board is a simple grid onto which players fit differently shaped tiles as they spread their pieces towards the center of the board. The catch? Each of your pieces must touch another only at the corner, and if your way is blocked by another person's piece, you'll have to find another spot to lay down your tile. You really have to play to believe that something so simple can be so appealing to players both young and old, but the trick lies in the fact that although the rules are easy enough, there's no limit to how much strategy you can put into the game. For game players of all ages, Blokus is the perfect fit. (Educational Insights, 2 to 4 players, $29.99)