By Blue Orange Games

Reviewed for Fifth Grade, 2007

Our six-year-old product tester loved it, our nine-year-old product tester loved it, and then many of our elementary-aged product testers were up in arms because they couldn't pry the game away from the grown-ups. The beauty of this game is that it can be relatively easy to play and win, or, bump up the age of the two players and it can be a brutal cage-match of strategy, logic, and deception. Each player starts with three sets of small nesting wooden columns and the game is played on a wooden board that looks like a pared-down version of checkers. The goal is simple: make a row of four in your color before your opponent does. But be careful, your smaller pieces can be "gobbled" at any time by your opponent's larger pieces, and you can also get into big trouble forgetting which of your big pieces have eaten up your opponent's little guys. Sound easy? It is. Sound confusing? It can be. Sound incredibly fun, challenging, and engaging? You betcha. (Blue Orange Games, $29.95)