By Rivertree Productions

Reviewed for Fifth Grade, 2007

It's unlikely that your kids have ever listened to a bard in action. Enter Odds Bodkin, a world-renowned storyteller equipped with harp and 12-string guitar. This CD, based on the King Arthur legends, is the story of a sheltered boy who grows up in the woods, with only his mother for company. When he happens upon a group of knights one day in the forest, he determines to become one himself. His naivety in the face of intense danger in a new world in which he does not know the rules, forms the backbone of this story. Bodkin weaves this tale as a beautiful sound scape , with his harp and guitar forming the score below his dozens of voices. Listening to him move from character to character as he seamlessly improvises his way through the tale, will build your child's vocabulary, literacy, and interest in medieval times. But more than that, it will show him what an imagination fully unleashed looks like. Your kids will secretly wish for traffic on the way home, just so they can listen a few minutes longer. (Rivertree Productions, $16.98)