Reviewed for Fifth Grade, 2007

Is your daughter a perfectionist? A peacemaker? An introvert? This kit will help her find out. A fun take on the ever-popular personality test, which kids of this age group tend to love, this box packs in more than fifty quizzes to give girls insight into what makes them tick. Some of the quizzes, like the trimmed down version of the Myers-Briggs test, are based on the stuff kids might find at the school counselor's office. Other "tests" weigh color preferences, favorite books, friends and enemies, and other less tangible inclinations. There's also some information on the anagram , and a hopped up tarot deck for good measure. In an age full of products that push girls to grow up way too fast, it's refreshing to see a kit that encourages girls to resist cookie-cutter conformity, and celebrate what makes them unique. When they're finished, they can pack up their answers in the keepsake box and create a little time capsule for a few years down the road, when they won't remember anymore what it was like to be 10 or 11. (Workman, $15.95)