By Corel

Reviewed for High School, 2007

This home painter's studio is the perfect program for both beginners dabbling in digital art and serious art students and designers. With two streamlined "workspaces," one for painting and drawing on a blank canvas, the other for working on photos, finding your way around is a snap. And, while some other programs seem like they take all the creativity out of, well, creating, Corel doesn't do all the work for you. It's just a studio with an impossibly well-stocked art box of brushes, colors, textures, and mediums. Plus, it has functionality which allows you to blend paint on a palette to create the perfect color, use tracing paper to sketch over images, explore techniques such as charcoal, sumi-e, airbrush and pastel, and transcend the limitations of manual art production. An absolute must-have for the young visual artist. (Corel, $99.00)