Reviewed for High School, 2007

With this unique iPod attachment, belting out favorite songs karaoke-style has never been more convenient. The lightweight microphone is about the size and shape of a fountain pen. Would-be singers just plug it into an iPod, select whether they'd like to connect to the stereo or over FM radio, choose a song, flip the switch to fade out the lead vocals, and take over! Just make sure you know the lyrics, because unlike regular karaoke machines, you'll receive no prompts. Because extracting one voice from instrumentals and backup isn't an exact science, the lead singer's voice won't fade out on some tracks, and on others, it may linger quietly in the background. Instead of being annoying, this can be a boon to those fumbling to find the tune. Overall, the fantastic fun of instant karaoke makes this a must-have for your teen's next celebration and a nice way to hone those public speaking and self-confidence skills. (Griffin Technology, $49.99)