By Apple

Reviewed for Middle School, 2007

Tired of consumption? Inspire creation! This suite of software includes an array of artistic tools that will flex your kid's right brain and kick-start her imagination. Inside the box you'll find iMovie (for video), iPhoto (for photos), GarageBand (for music), iDVD (for DVD burning) and iWeb (for web design). For middle schoolers dreaming of becoming the next Spielberg or Scorsese, the new iMovie is just right. iWeb is just as super-speedy, allowing kids to begin with one of many templates and then customize their web page. GarageBand allows the musically inclined to create songs from scratch using provided "instruments", or do multi-take recordings of their own music and then mix to their heart's desire. And iDVD allows for sharing, just in time for the holidays. (Apple, $79.00)