By Gamewright

Reviewed for Preschool, 2007

This game mixes fun and learning in an irresistible package. Players lay out a set of cards with pictures on them (for younger learners) or letters (for those on the road to reading), and then lay out a set of footprint cards-- each with a number written on it. Players pick from the deck to determine a destination. In the easier version, this might be a card with a picture of a couch or window. In the more advanced version, it's a letter, like "D", and kids need to come up with an object that starts with that letter, for example, "Door". To win the round, a player must hop, jump, or step to the object in the number of steps dictated by the footprint card. Can your child make it to the door in exactly seven hops? You'll see. And you'll see her practicing numbers, letters, logic, and estimation in the process. (Gamewright, 2-8 players, $11.95)