By Weinstein Books

Reviewed for Fourth Grade, 2010

Clever from cover to cover, this adventurous novel takes the classic heroine to the next level. A self-proclaimed loner, with a boy haircut (and name) to boot, 10 1/2 year-old Alex is an inspiring protagonist... especially for girls who feel misunderstood. She's cunning, sensible, and downright fearless, so it's only natural that when her favorite teacher gets kidnapped by pirates, it's Alex who must save the day. A nod to both Lemony Snicket and Artemis Fowl, this captivating, laugh-out-loud storyline keeps readers ravenous for more. And they're in luck! Author Adrienne Kress followed up this witty tale with a worthy companion, Timothy and the Dragon's Gate, which hit bookstores in August. (Weinstein Books, $6.99)