By Lakeshore Learning

Reviewed for Second Grade, 2010

Like it or not, kids this age are somewhat obsessed with money, especially with how to get it and how to spend it. In school, they're also knee-deep in learning how to work with it. This game takes all those elements and combines them into an irresistible potion: an exciting diversion that plays like Monopoly, but teaches kids to be money savvy without them even realizing it. As players "earn 80 cents", or "pay $1.35", they practice making change and paying out money in a variety of ways. Whatever way they pay, kids work addition, subtraction, and money skills as they race to earn $20 before another player beats them to it. Fast paced, fun filled, and a slam dunk for second graders with only one caveat: the game is completely luck driven, with the winner determined by dice rolls, not strategy, so kids will need to learn that they can't always win. A tough lesson, but an important one. (Lakeshore Learning, $29.99)