By Lifetime

Reviewed for First Grade, 2010

Your child's first slam dunk might still be a few years away, but now that she's in first grade, she's got the focus ability and muscle strength for basketball. Unlike other models, this portable hoop and backboard system can be raised and lowered with one hand, so it delivers heights easy enough for a beginner and challenging enough for a future Hoosier. And unlike in-ground basketball hoops, which are set into concrete, this model needs nothing more than a sack of sand to anchor it in place, and it can be easily rolled wherever and whenever the spirit moves you. A shatter-proof backboard and spring-loaded, solid steel rim ensure you won't need to swap this baby out anytime soon... even if your first grader grows into the next Michael Jordan. Chalk off three hours to set this hoop up, and prepare for lots of swish in your kid's future. (Lifetime, $279.99)