By Klutz

Reviewed for Middle School, 2010

Looking for a not-so-run-of-the-mill gift for your aspiring artist? The Book of Artrageous Projects is filled with hands-on projects and tons of fun facts that take art history to a whole new level. A wonderfully creative collaboration between Klutz and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, this book brings art to life with everything from Egyptian tomb paintings to Michelangelo-inspired sketches. Packed with all the tools curious minds need to explore, imagine, and create, including copper-colored foil, color pigments, a paint brush, and even light sensitive paper, this book of "artrageous projects" inspires young artists to dive head and hands first into art's colorful history. This unique book reminds kids of the importance of imaginative thinking and the power of artistic creation. A must-have for any art lover. (Klutz, $14.93)