By Lyons Press

Reviewed for Second Grade, 2013

Box!: Castles, Kitchens, and Other Cardboard Creations for Kids

With enough cardboard debris, you can create whatever your heart desires, and this book will show you exactly how to do it. Each project includes well-written directions and photos detailing every step of the construction process, making it a wonderful collection of crafts for a budding DIY-er. From ideas for milk cartons to those giant boxes that barely fit in the recycle bin, Box! is proof positive that when it comes to recycled crafts, the possibilities are endless so long as creativity is given free rein. Your kid will be shocked at the sheer number of ways that a box can be manipulated, and he’ll love the opportunity to help you transform boxes into all kinds of imaginative playthings. (Noel MacNeal, $14.30)