By Chronicle Books

Reviewed for Preschool, 2013

Box World Adventures

It’s not often that fun and recycling go hand in hand, but this amazing craft kit brings them together beautifully. Author Suzy Ultman lays out 15 fun – and stylish – activities for you and your kids to tackle. Building Crafty Cardboard Projects comes with easy-to-follow steps, templates and stickers. The world of the ordinary becomes the extraordinary as your breakfast cereal box transforms from the stuff of morning grains into a double-decker bus that your kids will have hours of fun creating and playing with. Your milk cartons are no longer mere vessels for transporting milk – they’re pagodas. And it doesn’t end there: your run-of-the-mill boxes will be miraculously transformed into the Great Wall of China, a Scottish castle, the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and many more impressive edifices. (Chronicle Books, $19.95)