By Take-Two Interactive

Reviewed for 2010, High School

Ever wanted to rule the world? Build the greatest civilization known to man and become Ruler of the World in this long-awaited installment in the Civilization universe! Players begin at the dawn of man and progress through time, building a successful society by cultivating culture, waging war, developing technologies, and employing diplomacy to expand their reach. Perfect for teens who want to control their destinies, Civilization V also allows players to explore history and geography as they meet history's greatest leaders and traverse the globe to determining the path of history. There is warfare in this game, but while most games these days seem to focus on gratuitous violence, parents can rest assured that the battles are all in the name of strategy. And with all new graphics and game play, Civilization V is sure to get kids (and their parents) going on the path to greatness, world domination style! (Take-Two Interactive, $49.99)