By 4M

Reviewed for First Grade, 2012

It’s hard to find a kid who isn’t captivated by the idea of buried treasure — about as hard as it is to find a toy that keeps kids in a state of serene, quiet exploration for an hour or more. Give your child a chance to live out her Indiana-Jones dreams with this deceptively simple toy that encourages curiosity and invokes questions...important skills for science. The “kit” is a block of dust that contains eight (sometimes more) real gems and crystals. Use the included tool to chip away at it, or employ the help of kitchen utensils or toolbox staples. Not only a great quiet-time activity, this is a toy that lasts: the dust is just tough enough to scrape off that the toy lasts a long time, but doesn’t frustrate kids. Once they uncover the glittering corner of a gem, they’ll be determined to keep digging. (4M, $10.17)