By Scholastic

Reviewed for Second Grade, 2010

School is out and that means Jamie has got some big (and expensive) summer plans. When she and her friend Isabella join forces and vow to make their "Summer of Excellence" happen, hijinks ensue - as they often do with Jamie. The problem is that everything on their lovely list of to-do's costs money - and they don't have it. When Jamie's aunt and uncle offer to treat everyone to a trip to the ultimate amusement park, things start to look a little sunnier. But there's one condition: the girls must each pay the price of admission. Easy peasy. With money making ideas like clown traps, room cleaning (with a reasonable additional fee for picking up underpants) and babysitting "fat one year olds," Jamie can't fail. But if we know anything about Jamie Kelly, it's that disasters follow her like they've got nowhere else to go... A hilarious read, told through a series of laugh out loud entries in Jamie's Dumb Diary, highlighted with even funnier pictures on every page. Number 10 in the Dear Dumb Diary series, this book is an absolute pleasure to read, whether you've met Jamie before or not. Witty, pointed, and oh so clever, you'll be turning page after page with a smile on your face. (Scholastic, $5.99)