By Estes Rockets

Reviewed for Third Grade, 2012

Estes Tandem X Launch Set

Ready for blast off? Your rocket scientist will take to the skies with the dual action of the Estes Tandem-X Launch Set. Far from your typical toy, these two rockets are equipped with some serious power. The Amazon rocket can fly as high as 600 feet, and the Crossfire reaches an unbelievable 1,150 feet! Each model is fairly easy to build, though you will likely need to help your child with some of the trickier parts, like using the hobby knife. Combining the fun of model-building with the awesomeness of real rocket science, this toy is an exhilarating educational experience. Fair warning, this kit does not include all the materials needed to build the rockets. Extra supplies include: model cement or plastic cement, carpenters glue, masking tape, fine sand paper, ruler, pencil, and a utility/X-acto knife. You’ll also need to buy engines with igniters and a recovery wadding to complete your launch. Spray paint is an optional item for decorating the rockets. (Estes, $25.22)