Reviewed for Fifth Grade, 2009

Creator Fire Rescue

Decades ago, LEGO broke into kid consciousness with a set of old-fashioned square and rectangular blocks. The rest of the fun—and there was tons of it—was left to a kids’ imagination. Today, most of the LEGO aisle is filled with kits, complete with detailed instructions and specialized pieces for building specific things. If you find yourself yearning for a little more kid creativity, LEGO’s “Creator” series is just the ticket. Each box comes with one set of LEGO pieces, but directions for making three completely different projects. The Fire Rescue Set is a great example: kids can make a helicopter, fire engine, or rescue jeep, yielding hours of construction and play. A cool, hands-on way to teach kids to think visually, and see a large project through (or three!) from start to finish. (Lego, $59.99)