By Apisphere, Inc.

Reviewed for Fourth Grade, 2009

Geomate Jr.

Curious about geocaching, but not ready to shell out hundreds of dollars for a GPS device? This little gadget may be just what the doctor ordered. While it's certainly not as sophisticated as a more expensive model, it's also much simpler to use. The Geomate Jr. does one thing and one thing only: geocaching. With just 3 buttons and a 1 1/2 inch screen, it weighs a mere 3 ounces and primarily shows the bare basics: size of cache, difficulty, and distance. Start up is slow, but with over 220,000 caches across all 50 states preloaded, it's ready for impromptu adventure anytime, anywhere. It will get you reliably within twenty feet of your cache, then it's up to you! (Apisphere, Inc., $69.95)