By Geopalz

Reviewed for Second Grade, 2012

Motivational Pedometer

No kid should be a couch potato. But as more and more children get glued to digital screens, it can be increasingly difficult to motivate them to get a move on. This plastic accelerometer clips to a hip or shoe, powering up when kids move, and down when they’re still again. Every jump, step, or skip gets recorded on the fly and earns kids points towards rewards. There are virtual ribbons and certificates, but also real-life frisbees and jump ropes. Want more? Activate a feature that allows kids to pick nearly anything on Amazon, and assign a point value they’ll need to earn it. Require a certain number of steps each day in order for your kid to earn a daily dose of screen time. Launch a family competition and let siblings (and parents, too!) compete to see who can log the most steps each week. This toy is super easy to incorporate into your life and couldn’t be simpler to use. So gamify exercise, and set your kid up for a healthier future. (GeoPalz, $21.86)