By Warner Bros. Entertainment

Reviewed for Third Grade, 2013

Heads Up! App

This charades-style app game is a hoot! Already a hit with adults thanks to its appearance on Ellen, Heads Up! has a special kids deck that keeps the clues family-friendly, but doesn't make the game any less fun. Third graders can take turns acting out or guessing words like “Big Bird”, “Magic Wand” and “Frisbee," or partner up and compete by guessing as many as possible in 60 seconds! Each round is recorded, so kids can watch the drama unfold all over again. Once you’ve downloaded the $.99 app, you can download the kids deck for free (you can save the other decks for a night out with grown-ups!). There aren’t many apps that both kids and adults can enjoy together, but this one is sure to be a family favorite. (Warner Bros. Entertainment, $.99)