By Aristoplay

Reviewed for Middle School, 2010

Celebration is the name of the game with Life Stories, a non-competitive board game that puts an emphasis on sharing, friendship, and personal experience. Less a traditional board game than a conversation catalyst, in Life Stories you'll reminisce about an unforgettable New Year's Eve, fantasize about your dream home, or confess your biggest fear. Perfect for families and friends who love to talk, laugh, and bond over good times and happy memories, this social game is as blissfully addictive as it is warmly self-affirming. Questions fall into four categories and run the gamut from light-hearted and fun to earnest and contemplative. One of the best parts of the game comes at the very end, when a player makes it to the "Grand Celebration" circle in the middle. There are no smug victory dances here: the game ends as players take turns sharing a story or something positive about the lucky winner. A refreshing, uplifting game for all ages. (Aristoplay, $25.66)