By Egmont

Reviewed for Third Grade, 2013

Odd, Weird & Little

Woodrow, or Woody, knows he’s different, and he’s okay with that. However, after the arrival of a new student, Toulouse, Woody begins to feel almost normal. Woody quickly becomes fascinated by Toulouse as they bond over shared interests. There’s something odd about Toulouse, but Woody can’t quite figure out what. As Woody tries to make sense of Toulouse’s weird ways, little by little the two boys form a strong friendship. If you know a kid that’s grappling with the challenges of being different, this book is a great way to show him that he’s not alone. Kids will love witnessing Woody build up enough courage to put the class bullies in their place, and they’ll become thoroughly wrapped up in the mystery as they piece together what exactly is going on with Toulouse.  (Egmont, $11.99)