By Blue Orange Games

Reviewed for Third Grade, 2013

Ooga Booga

This game starts with woolly mammoth impressions and ends with a triumphant “Ooga Booga!” Ooga Booga is a memory game that tasks kids with reciting a chain of words from a ‘sacred chant’ known as Ooga Booga. Using only picture clues and their own recollections to guide them, players take turns stumbling through the string of made-up words dictated by the cards, banging their fists, clapping, and sticking out their tongues as they create the chant. A good excuse to dissolve in fits of giggles, Ooga Booga helps kids build their memorization and rhythm skills, which helps foster abilities for music and language arts. It’s also a great exercise for getting shy children out of their shells in an encouraging environment, and is a silly game that’s fun for the whole family! (Blue Orange Games, $12.99)