By Pressman Toy

Reviewed for Fifth Grade, 2010

With all the choices in the game closet, it's amazing just how often this one seems to come out on top. Maybe that's because the rules are simple enough for kids to get started almost immediately, or because the game can be played with a multitude of levels and ages, without anyone feeling left behind. Or maybe it's the satisfying whack of the tiles as they get rearranged in each player's rack, or slid across the table to make a combination. Maybe it's that this game is just as much a natural when played in parent-child teams, as it is when played one on one. Whatever the reason, this is a classic and likely to remain so, which is fantastic, because while it may seem like nothing more than crazy fun, kids are learning probability, patterning, strategy, grouping, and a score of other essentials for higher math, as they knock those tiles around, looking to race opponents to the finish. (Pressman Toy, $14.49)