By Cuisinart

Reviewed for High School, 2012

Panini and Sandwich Press

Revolutionize the art of sandwich-making with a panini machine! Gone are the days of cold sandwiches and burnt toaster smells; this panini press is easy to use, easy to clean and quick to heat up. But most importantly, it makes every sandwich taste and look so much better. Every family kitchen should have one of these. The kids will love preparing their own lunches in the mornings, and will go to school happily armed with restaurant-quality paninis. If you’re feeling bold, this machine can also double as an indoor grill to cook things like meat or vegetables. The griddle is non-stick, so there’s no need for any spray or butter. It also comes with a handy cleaning tool and a recipe book full of great starter ideas. (Cuisinart, $46.25)